Each week, the Daily’s esteemed scouting staff will review the tapes, talk to the coaches and players and discuss the team’s performance. After all of this, we offer up our comments and analysis on Michigan’s weekend action.

Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey


Gabe Edelson

Offensive Scout

While the offense was nonexistent in Friday’s first period, eight goals in the final two frames is an impressive feat. The fact that Michigan’s five-goal effort on Saturday was the team’s lowest scoring total since Thanksgiving weekend speaks volumes about this unit’s success.

Daily Determination:  5 out of 5


Ryan Sosin

Defensive Scout

The defense stepped it up in the final two periods on Friday, holding the Falcons scoreless. But odd-man rushes weren’t uncommon for Bowling Green on Saturday, and one even led to a goal. Michigan held the Falcons to just 49 shots on the weekend, but gave up seven goals.

Daily Determination: 2 out of 5


Jake Rosenwasser

Special Teams Scout

The numbers weren’t stellar, but Michigan’s most important goals came with a man-advantage. On Friday, Michigan trailed 3-0 but scored two power play goals to get back in the game. On Saturday, Michigan’s game-winner was a power play goal.

Daily Determination: 4 out of 5


Ian Herbert

Goaltender Scout

It was pretty hit or miss with Montoya this week. The first period of the weekend was one of his worst periods of the season, but he rebounded by shutting out the Falcons in the next two. On Saturday, he played well but gave up a goal while he was behind the net.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5


Off The Dr

How it happened: This play was set up by Hunwick, but it was really all Hensick. Hensick grabbed the pass from his teammate at the bottom of the circle and went to work. He managed to maneuver his way around a Bowling Green defender and hurled a wrist shot at the far side of the net. The shot got past Falcons goalie Jon Horrell, who was filling in for star netminder Jordan Sigalet.

Analysis: Much like Friday night, the score was tied at three going into the third period. But unlike Friday night, the Wolverines didn’t come out of the break and score five goals. Since the Falcons took the lead just two minutes into the final period, the pressure was on Michigan to score. And they looked to Hensick. He seemed to put the burden on himself to score with the game on the line.

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