Each week, the Daily’s esteemed scouting staff will review the tapes, talk to the coaches and players and discuss the team’s performance. After all of this, we offer up our comments and analysis on Michigan’s weekend action.

Ice Hockey



Ryan Sosin

Offensive Scout

The offense clicked early, netting a combined four goals in the first periods on the weekend. But when Saturday’s game was on the line, the team missed too many opportunities. The transition game looked good all weekend, though.

Daily Determination: 4 out of 5 checks


Gabe Edelson

Defensive Scout

The defense was great against Wisconsin on Friday, but Saturday was a different story. After a strong start, the Wolverines’ defenders allowed Colorado College to make several scary odd-man rushes and scoring chances. Michigan also failed to clear costly rebounds.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks


Jake Rosenwasser

Special Teams Scout

The power play got two early goals against Colorado College but was ineffective after the first period. And the goal that really hurt Michigan was Colorado College’s shorthanded score to close the gap to 3-2 in the second period.

Daily Determination: 3 out of 5 checks


Ian Herbert

Goaltender Scout

Berenson said it best after the loss to the Tigers: The goals on Saturday night can’t really be blamed on Montoya. If anything can be blamed on Montoya, it’s the rebounds. The goalie probably gave up a few too many extra shots, but, overall, Montoya was a wall during the playoffs.

Daily Determination: 4 out of 5 checks

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