Voters in Ann Arbor will decide whether they will receive a tax increase or a tax break next Tuesday.

The parks millage proposal that will appear on the ballot will raise property taxes to accommodate non-routine expenses for park maintenance in Ann Arbor. Such costs would include the repair of roofs in park pavilions, the removal of invasive species or the replacement of broken walkways within parks.

Ron Olson, head of the Parks and Recreation Department, said the millage is “still needed to make sure that quality is maintained in the 148 parks and over 2,000 acres of parkland in Ann Arbor.”

Olson added the millage would also fund the Natural Area Preservation Program, which works to preserve woodlands areas around the city.

A portion of property taxes is already allocated for this upkeep, but this proposal would increase the millage rate from .4632 to .4725, meaning a person owning a home with a tax value of $100,000 would pay $47.25 as opposed to $46.32 toward park maintenance.

But if the proposal fails, the tax would be abolished altogether.

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