City Council unanimously approved a measure last night to move about 90 former residents of the Ann Arbor YMCA to an apartment complex in Ypsilanti Township more than seven miles from their original homes.

Sarah Royce
After the YMCA was shut down, patrons Gilbert Sam and Philip Brzezinski speak at an Ann Arbor City Council meeting yesterday. (TOMMASO GOMEZ/Daily)
Sarah Royce
Former YMCA patron Patron David Noel attends an Ann Arbor City Council meeting yesterday night. (TOMMASO GOMEZ/Daily)

The residents have been staying in a motel on State Street since last November when the city’s facility manager deemed the YMCA building downtown unfit for habitation.

Several of the former residents expressed concerns about the move.

Former resident Charles Lewis said he was worried he would have a hard time traveling to his doctors, all of whom have offices in Ann Arbor.

He also complained that the city had been unclear about his need to pay part of the hotel bill and said he is in debt as a result..

The former residents paid $380 per month for their hotel rooms under the arrangementA-.

They YMCA residents make an average of about $11,000 per year, making them among Ann Arbor’s poorest residents, The Ann Arbor News reported Friday. The federal poverty level for an individual is $9,310.

About 40 percent of their income goes toward rent.

Under the new proposal, the residents will pay the same rent, but the city’s costs will be reduced from about $1,200 per month per resident to about $320 per month per resident.

In response to residents’ concerns, council member Stephen Rapundalo (D

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