Monday’s meeting of the Ann Arbor City Council will be the first led by Mayor Christopher Taylor. It will feature a resolution that would empower City Administrator Steve Powers to allocate money for this winter’s emergency shelter and warming center, a resolution to approve a lease with the University regarding the Fuller Park parking lot and a resolution for Powers and City Attorney Stephen K. Postema to negotiate a lease with Fifth Fourth, LLC.

Resolution for Powers to allocate money to emergency shelters

At the last Council meeting, the Washtenaw County Office of Community and Economic Development suggested four recommendations for the city to be more prepared for this winter.

The resolution was drafted to help “those most vulnerable residents struggling with homelessness” and to address concerns with the system during previous winters when it was “stretched beyond capacity to accommodate the overwhelming demand for safe, warm space during the near-constant emergency weather conditions.”

The Council will vote Monday to allow Powers to allocate as much as $89,318 from the General Fund for the 2014-2015 winter emergency shelter and warming center response, thus providing more options for the homeless in the winter. The total cost for the four recommendations will be capped at $178,636. The city’s contribution accounts for half of the total; the other half is to be paid by Washtenaw County.

Resolution to approve Fuller Park parking lot land lease with the University

The Council will discuss and vote on the Fuller Park parking lot lease agreement with the University. If approved, this resolution, which has been on the Council’s agenda three times — postponed twice — and requires eight votes for approval, will allow the University to use three parking lots at Fuller Park.

The current lease expired Aug. 31. The new lease term will be two years, but the University can renew the lease for an additional two-year period.

The lease is slated to generate of $78,665 for the city and will be recognized in the Parks & Recreation General Fund budget.

The University and city have been in agreement regarding Fuller Park’s Lot A since Sept. 29, 1993. Two more parking lots, Lot B and Lot C, were added to the lease in 2009.

Resolution for Postema and Powers to negotiate a lease with Fifth Fourth, LLC

Councilmembers Mike Anglin (D–Ward 5), Jack Eaton, (D–Ward 4), Sumi Kailasapathy (D–Ward 1) and Jane Lumm (I–Ward 2) will sponsor a resolution to direct Postema, the city attorney, and Powers to negotiate with Fifth Fourth, LLC, for a short-term parking area lease to be added to the municipal parking system.

Fifth Fourth, LLC expressed interest in a partnership with the city for a two-year public parking lot on 350 S. Fifth Ave., a vacant property the company currently owns.

Fifth Fourth has also requested that the city be responsible for management and operations. However, Fifth Fourth is willing to donate one half of the revenues from the operations of the lot to the city’s Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

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