The City Council will meet Tuesday to consider resolutions concerning zoning and ridesharing companies. The Council will discuss the operation of Uber and Lyft companies in Ann Arbor, as well as a fund transfer in support of a continuing affordable housing effort and various zoning proposals.

Resolution: City Administrator to negotiate with ridesharing companies

Councilmembers Sabra Briere (D–Ward 1), Sally Hart Petersen (D–Ward 2) and Christopher Taylor (D–Ward 3) have announced their sponsorship of a resolution that would recommend that City Administrator Steve Powers negotiate operating agreements with companies such as Uber and Lyft following last month’s discussion regarding taxi ordinance changes.

This resolution lists specific parameters of such companies’ operation within the city of Ann Arbor, including specifications for acceptable drivers, required driver background checks, required reports from ridesharing companies to the city and a minimum insurance coverage of $1 million.

Last month’s approval of taxicab rates will also be given final consideration.

Resolution: Transfer of $729,879 to West Arbor affordable housing project

In support of the West Arbor Section 8 rent-assisted housing project, the Council will be voting to appropriate necessary funds to fill a shortfall in the project’s budget of $16,564,370.

The Ann Arbor Housing Commission is requesting aid from the Council to make up the $729,879 difference not covered by the Michigan State Housing Directory Authority and low-income tax credits.

Council approved the project on June 3 of last year, but this additional transfer would come from its affordable housing fund, which currently has a balance of $1,580,799.

Resolutions: Zoning

The Council will also be voting on various changes to zoning, including approval of the Gift of Life project and the demolition of 20 homes on North Maple Road in order to construct a public housing apartment complex. Gift of Life is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve people’s quality of life by encouraging quality organ and tissue donation.

Consideration for the Gift of Life expansion was postponed on Aug. 29 and will be given initial consideration at Tuesday’s meeting. This project concerns the use of $10.5 million to add a three-story building to the existing Gift of Life research facility in Ann Arbor, which is contingent on the changes made to zoning laws.

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