The Ann Arbor City Council is set to discuss a number of topics during Tuesday’s meeting. The body will address a number of potential street closings, the renewal of its health care provider contract, the signing of a new contract to replace a dam floodgate at the Geddes Dam and the relocation of sewage system resources to affordable housing.

Street closings

The council will discuss the approval of more than seven different street closings to accommodate a variety of events.

The resolutions include three street closings in April for the Take Back the Night rally and march on April 2, the Fool Moon Festival on April 10 and the FestiFools Parade on April 12.

Two street closings in May will also be considered. If passed, they will accommodate the Burns Park Run on May 3 and Ann Arbor Goddess 5K for the Michigan Ovarian Cancer Alliance on May 10.

East Washington Street and West Washington Street will also be closed, pending approval, for the annual Oktoberfest celebration Sept. 11 through Sept. 13.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Up for discussion is the approval of a contract renewal with Blue Cross Blue Shield, a Michigan-based health care provider.

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides health care coverage to city employees and retirees. Monthly costs of the plan are subject to changes in the number of employees and retirees as well as the number of submitted claims.

The estimated annual insurance cost is $12,889,507.

Geddes Dam

The agenda also includes the proposal of awarding a contract to replace a tainter gate at Geddes Dam, which crosses the Huron River in southeast Ann Arbor.

According to the proposal, Gerace Construction Company was one of three companies considered for the project. They offered the lowest bid of $299,990.

The total cost of the projects amounts to $395,000, which provides for city staff inspection services and fees to hire a consulting firm.

The contract proposal comes after the tainter gate suffered damage in January. The gate was damaged after the extreme cold caused the control responsible for operating the gate to malfunction. Officials decided to replace, rather than repair the gate.

Sewage Funding allocations

Council will also discuss allocating additional resources to affordable housing initiatives.

Specifically, it will hear a resolution to decommit funding from the Sewage Disposal System Fund Balance of the Near North Apartments and use this money to set up a budget for sanitary sewer expenses of the North Maple Estates, a low-income family housing development maintained by the Arbor Housing Commission. The funds total $153,611.

The North Maple Estates will have 42 new affordable rental apartments and four more that will be renovated.

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