The fire alarm blared through East Quad Residence Hall Wednesday night, forcing occupants outside. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it didn’t stop Voice Your Vote volunteers who had spent the past hour registering East Quad residents to vote. They continued their registration blitz on the crowded sidewalk.

Jessica Boullion

There is nothing subtle about the persistence of registration volunteers. When going door-to-door, they routinely knock three times and wait for a response. If that doesn’t work, they’ll knock again, just to be sure the room is empty.

By going through the dorms or staking out the Diag, Voice Your Vote brings the registration process to the students. This often helps. because registering to vote can be tricky.

For example, if your residence has changed since you last voted, you need to let the government know. You also need to find your precinct for Election Day. If you don’t know your precinct, check out the map below. To find your polling place, see a list attached to this article at michigandaily.com.

Nov. 7 is inching closer. A week from today is the last day to register for the election. Several of the races this November are close. Your vote could make a difference.

Still confused on what to do? Here are some tips.

Click here to view the adventure.

Ann Arbor voting precincts for student housing near campus

First Ward
1. Michigan Union, 530 S. State St.
2. Michigan Union, 530 S. State St.
3. Community High School, 401 N. Division St.
4. Community Center, 625 N. Main St.
6. Northside School, 912 Barton Dr.
7. Northside School, 912 Barton Dr.

Second Ward
1. Family Housing Comm. Center, 1000 McIntyre Dr.
2. Mary Markley Hall, 1503 Washington Heights
3. Angell School, 1608 S. University Ave.

Third Ward
1. East Quad, 701 E. University Ave.
2. East Quad, 701 E. University Ave.
3. Tappan Middle School, 2551 E. Stadium Blvd.

Fourth Ward
1. South Quad, 600 E. Madison St.
2. Mary St. Polling Place, 926 Mary St.
3. Pioneer High School, 601 W. Stadium Blvd.

Fifth Ward
1. Ann Arbor District Library, 343 S. Fifth Ave.
2. Bach School, 600 W. Jefferson St.

For a complete list of Ann Arbor precinct polling places, visit the Washtenaw County web site.

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