The University’s C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital received a $4 million grant last week that it will put toward a new hospital for newborns, children and pregnant women.

Beth Dykstra
A new hopsital for women and children would function to remedy the overcrowding in the existing building. (Peter Schottenfels/Daily)

The donation brings the total amount of money raised for the new facility to $9.6 million, including $400,000 raised selling the blue “M GO BLUE for Mott” bracelets. All of the fundraising efforts will be used to build a new facility that will supplement the 36-year-old hospital. The goal is to raise $50 million through fundraising.

If the University Board of Regents approves the hospital it will be built on top of the medical parking lot on Observatory across from Mary Markley Residence Hall. The new facility would help reduce overcrowding in the current hospital, as well as house the Michigan Congenital Heart Center, the Birth Center and a neo-natal intensive care unit.

“The project is going forward because our current children’s hospital was completed in 1969 and basically designed ten years before that,” Mott’s hospital administrator Patricia Warner said. “The facility we’re in now is outdated to keep us up with current and future needs. We also do not have private patient rooms and we encourage family care.” She added that it was hard to accommodate families in the smaller rooms.

Designing the building will take about two years and another three will be spent building the new structure, Warner said. She expects occupancy to begin in 2011. Because planning is in the early stages, an architect firm has not yet been selected.

The new facility will help add prestige to the children’s hospital, said University alum and former Mott volunteer Jeff Sutton.

“On a local level I think people debating between different hospitals would probably go to the hospital with more prestige or more money and better facilities — especially if they’re coming in out of town,” Sutton said. “On a national level as well, obviously the better the facility the better doctors you will attract and the more money you will attract.”

The Detroit-based Carls Foundation made the donation as part of its continuing pledge to promote children’s welfare. Industrialist William Carls and his wife Marie created the foundation that promotes children’s welfare.

“Having lost their only child in infancy, William and Marie Carls experienced personally the need for advanced and readily available pediatric medical care and made it a principled mission of the foundation they established,” said Elizabeth Stieg, executive director of The Carls Foundation in a press release. “The Trustees of The Carls Foundation felt that the Mott Children’s Hospital plans for a new facility are clearly needed and help fulfill that mission.”

The Carls Foundation has given Motts donations before that have helped fund research of jaw-related birth defects and establish a new diagnostic and treatment program for children at risk for hearing loss.

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