With only three weeks left until spring break, some may be looking forward to the trip that was planned months ago, while others may be wondering how spring break crept up so fast.

For those students who haven’t gotten around to planning an MTV-worthy spring break or who’d rather explore more budget-conscious options, there are still places to go and things to do.

There is still time to create an exciting spring break, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either.


Two words: Road Trip

Students who haven’t done any planning ahead of time can still hit the road and have a fun vacation. Large cities are great for exploring and there is definitely enough to do or see to last the whole week of spring break.

One tip: stay overnight in a youth hostel rather than a hotel — they are cheaper, host tons of other young travelers and are usually in good condition. Regardless of whether students stay in a hostel or a hotel, calling ahead of time to reserve a bed is a good idea.



The Windy City is probably the most convenient city to visit, as it’s only about a five-hour drive away. Culture is abound here, with an assortment of museums and theaters among other things. The Field Museum boasts the world’s largest and most complete T. Rex sculpture and — during spring break —will offer a special exhibit with selections from John F. Kennedy’s library and museum.

Chicago is also known for its music scene — including blues and jazz — so there’s always live music around town. On March 2, for example, the Chicago House of Blues offers the Take Action Tour, featuring Sugarcult, Hawthorne Heights and Amberlin.

And in the city, you won’t have to dine expensively because there are always the famous Chicago-style pizza and smaller caf

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