With one month less than years past, we
here at Daily Arts are finishing our final notes,
making our lists and discussing our Oscar picks with vigor. What
guarantees to be yet another momentous awards ceremony will
transpire for the third year at the majestic Kodak Theater.

While Frodo and his fellowship are basically assured awards, the
numerous nods for Sofia Coppola’s “Lost in
Translation” announce that the Academy is taking note of the
minimalist movie’s presence.

Billy Crystal is sure to open the show with his signature
musical extravaganza. And while anti-war outbursts spiced up last
year’s show, this year’s acceptance speeches are sure
to top the much-publicized Adrien Brody-Halle Berry kiss.

Daily Arts notices the numerous snubs over the years since the
Academy overlooked greats such as “Citizen Kane” and Al
Pacino’s performance in “The Godfather.” Even
“A Streetcar Named Desire” failed to get a nod from the
schizophrenic Academy.

Our excitement is mounting and our TiVos are ready to record the
event in case we must miss any history-making second.

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