YPSILANTI – It doesn’t appear that Adrian Arrington will be facing domestic violence charges.

The state’s case against the Michigan wide receiver was dismissed yesterday in Washtenaw County District Court 14A-2.

The domestic violence charges stemmed from an Oct. 13 altercation between Arrington and his girlfriend. Although the girlfriend, an Eastern Michigan University student, did not press charges, prosecutors can pursue domestic incidents regardless of the victim’s will.

Arrington and his lawyer arrived more than an hour late for his final settlement hearing. His attorney, Christopher Easthope, apologized for the tardy entrance, explaining that he had been in another court for a separate case.

The court date was to be the final scheduled hearing before jury selection if both parties were prepared to continue.

After assistant prosecutor Robyn Brazeal said the prosecution was not ready to proceed, Easthope motioned for a dismissal, and Judge Kirk W. Tabbey quickly granted the request.

Deputy chief assistant prosecutor Steve Hiller said the reason for the dismissal is the judge’s rule that the victim in a domestic dispute must appear at the final settlement hearing. Despite repeated efforts by the Ypsilanti Police Department, Arrington’s girlfriend couldn’t be located to attend the hearing, Hiller said.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning that the prosecution can reauthorize the charges at a later date. Hiller said that it is unlikely this will occur, but the option will still be left open.

Unlike Arrington’s previous two court appearances, his girlfriend was not present. Had she been present, the prosecution could have called her as a witness for testimony in the trial next week.

According to Hiller, it’s common for victims in domestic violence cases not to appear on their court dates. For the prosecution, Hiller said the main concern is the health and safety of the victim in such cases.

Throughout the ordeal, Michigan coach Lloyd Carr didn’t suspend Arrington, saying that the facts didn’t support with the charges. Carr did sit the Cedar Rapids, Iowa, native for the first five plays of the Oct. 28 Northwestern game.

It is unlikely that Arrington will face further disciplinary action from the team.

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