With virtually every genre of television being turned into a
reality show, animation once seemed immune to the trend. Not
anymore, as Comedy Central’s latest offering, “Drawn
Together” combines “Big Brother” and Bugs Bunny,
only with more profanity.

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Hey, Halloween was three days ago. (Courtesy of Comedy Central)

In the show, the archetypal cartoon characters stop being polite
and start being real, resulting in a racist princess, a pig with a
self-control problem and the biggest keg parties this side of Dr.

In the pilot, the young and naïve Princess Clara (voiced by
Tara Strong, “The Animatrix”) speaks her mind about her
housemates. When Foxxy Love (Cree Summer, “Rugrats”), a
mystery-solving musician, hears her, she takes exception to the
princess ‘s comments and the two come to blows. Captain Hero
(Jess Harnell), the beer-swilling, ultra-macho superhero, then has
to separate the two. To show there are no hard feelings, Foxxy
throws a party, with freely flowing alcohol, which corrects the
animosity and leads to debauchery and spontaneous outburst of

Others sharing the house include Spanky Ham (Adam Corolla), a
foul-mouth Internet character that urinates all over the house,
Xandir (Jack Plotnick), a videogame warrior on a quest to save his
girlfriend, and Toot (also by Strong), a full-figured monochromatic
’20s sex symbol who likes to cause trouble when events do not
go her way.

The only fun here is the interaction of the characters, most of
whom would hold distinctly separate timeslots on Saturday mornings.
The triangle of Captain Hero giving relationship advice to the
androgynous Xandir, the object of Toot’s affection, is unique
if nothing else. Spanky Ham also is a tired, overexposed character;
his bodily function exploits that once would have harmlessly elicit
laughter from viewers now results in embarassment.

While the object of the game or how a winner is selected in this
reality offering is not revealed, the point is the interaction of
the characters, all drawn from different worlds. Viewers who like
“South Park,” a good cartoon brawl and a skewering of
the reality genre might like it. Otherwise, voters should vote this
off Comedy Central’s schedule as soon as possible.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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