A year after retiring, former Michigan football coach Lloyd Carr has agreed to help the struggling Eastern Michigan University football program find a new head coach.

Eastern Michigan Head Football Coach Jeff Genyk was fired Monday after posting a 15-42 record in five seasons for the neighboring Ypsilanti school. The Eagles are currently 2-9 with one game remaining in the season.

Eastern Michigan Athletic Director Derrick Gragg mentioned Carr’s intention to help with the coaching in a statement.

“Carr coached at EMU and enjoys a good relationship with me and many others within our University’s leadership,” Gragg said.

Gragg worked with Carr as the University of Michigan’s compliance director from 1997 to 2000.

Carr will work as an unpaid adviser for Eastern Michigan, where he began his collegiate coaching career in 1976. He worked for two years as an Eagles assistant coach.

Carr posted a 2-0 record against the Eagles during his tenure at Michigan, beating Eastern in 2005 and 2007. The Wolverines will host Eastern again next season.

Since his retirement in January, Carr has largely faded from the spotlight, granting few interviews with the media. Currently an associate athletic director at the University of Michigan, he can sometimes be found taking walks around Central Campus in his maize and blue tracksuit.

Associate Athletic Director Bruce Madej declined to comment when asked about Carr’s part in the Eastern Michigan coaching search.

“You’d have to talk to Lloyd,” Madej said in an e-mail message.

Carr, who has an unlisted telephone number, could not be reached for comment.

Eastern Michigan athletic department spokesman Jim Streeter said he expects Carr to play a significant role in the school’s hiring process.

“My guess is that he will be involved in helping create the pool of candidates we choose from,” said Streeter, adding that only Gragg and Carr know Carr’s exact responsibilities. “He’s someone, based on who he’s coached against, who can tell us who we want to go after and more importantly who we don’t want to go after.”

Streeter, who has worked in Eastern’s athletic department for 35 years, said Carr probably couldn’t have helped with such a search last year.

“I would think it’d be a little more unusual, having a sitting head coach help with something like that,” Streeter said. “It’s not unusual for a coach to call a school and put in a good word for one of his assistants, but to do anything more than that isn’t normal.”

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