Over the last two years, Capcom has released a long line of video game compilations from “Mega Man Anniversary Collection” to “Street Fighter Anniversary Collection.” With “Capcom Fighting Evolution,” the developers are trying their hand at something different: merging several good games into one that should be great. “Evolution” contains fighters from five fighting classics, ranging from “Street Fighter Alpha” all the way to “Darkstalkers,” grouped into one game.

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That EECS kid down the hall already has this game and loves it. (Courtesy of Capcom)

Given the success and popularity of “SNK v. Capcom” and “Marvel v. Capcom II,” “Evolution” is horribly lacking when compared to other titles. Instead of adding all of the characters from these five games, the developers seemed to have randomly chosen four from each title, disappointing gamers who would have liked to play as B.B. Hood from “Darkstalker” or Blanka from “Street Fighter.”

But “Evolution” isn’t a total failure: From fighting in Guile’s air force base to performing Chun-Li’s “Spinning Bird Kick” the game succeeds (and does so admirably) in invoking nostalgia.

In “Evolution,” the controls and music mirror those of the original titles; the only difference lies in the addition of “super” moves that can be performed in battle. When it comes to fighting games, Capcom has always seemed to be ahead of the competition. Hopefully the mediocre approach to design applied to “Evolution” is a temporary setback and not a sign of the company loosing its foothold in the genre. The game lacks the completeness of other Capcom compilations and the fun derived from other fighting titles from the same company. The high standards gamers have come to expect out of Capcom haven’t been met — “Evolution” just isn’t fit enough to survive.


Rating: 2.0/5 stars

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