LANSING (AP) – Legislation approved yesterday by the state House would prohibit Canadian trash from being dumped in Michigan landfills once the federal government gives the state authority to ban foreign refuse.

The chamber voted 105-3 to approve the main bill in the three-bill package.

Only two Democrats voted against the bill, but several said the legislation did not go far enough. They said the state should not wait for the federal government to ban foreign trash and said the measure limits only a portion of out-of-state waste because it doesn’t limit garbage coming in from other states.

Rep. Kathleen Law (D-Gibralter) failed to win support for an amendment that would have increased the dumping fee on trash from 21 cents per ton to $7.50 if Congress does not allow state trash regulation by Nov. 1. Democrats say that only by making Michigan an expensive place to dump trash will out-of-state trash decrease.

“Citizens in Michigan don’t want us to wait anymore,” Law said, noting the GOP plan won’t take effect until Congress acts.

The Republican-controlled House also defeated amendments to ban the construction of new landfills until 2010 and increase penalties for trash-related violations.

Democrats Alexander Lipsey of Kalamazoo and Bill McConico of Detroit voted against the main bill, as did Republican Leon Drolet of Macomb County’s Clinton Township.

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