University Hospital employee stalked by colleague

DPS reports from Friday afternoon show that a University
Hospital employee received unwanted messages and pages from another
hospital employee. The case is classified as a stalking and a
suspect has not been identified yet. The incident is under

$500 stolen from Ronald McDonald House resident

DPS crime reports on Wednesday show that a person stole $500
from someone staying at the Ronald McDonald House on the 1600 block
of Washington Heights Street. The thief was identified and

Brawl breaks out in front of South Quad res hall

DPS reports show that a crowd of nearly 40 people congregated in
front of South Quad Residence Hall after a large fight broke out on
Madison Street early Saturday morning. The crowd dispersed before
the police officers arrived at the scene and no witnesses were

Man receives citation after urinating in public

A man was issued a citation for urinating in the Church Street
carport early Thursday morning, according to DPS reports. The man
was given a summons to appear in court. Urinating in public is a

Driver parks in car lot without paying parking fee

DPS crime logs show that a parking attendant at the Fletcher
Street carport reported that a person drove by her booth without
paying a parking fee late Friday morning. The violator has been
identified and DPS is investigating the case.

Caller reports $150 stolen over past year

A caller reported to DPS on Friday afternoon that money was
continuously being stolen from an office in the G.G. Brown
building. About $150 was stolen over the last year. DPS has no
suspects and is investigating the case.

Coin-operated dispensers robbed in Grad Library

DPS reports show that coin operated sanitary napkin dispensers
were discovered broken into early Wednesday morning. It is unknown
how much money was stolen and there are no suspects. The case is
under investigation.

Woman taken to ER after repeatedly falling, fainting

A caller requested an ambulance early Friday morning for an
injured woman in Bursley Residence Hall. The woman repeatedly fell
down and passed out. She was provided with an escort to the
University Hospital’s Emergency Room.

Science lab break-in proves a failure

An attempt was made to forcefully gain entry into one of the
science labs at the Life Sciences Institute Building late Friday
afternoon. A door handle was damaged but the criminals were unable
to enter the lab. DPS currently has no suspects.

CCRB trespassers warned, escorted out of building

According to DPS crime reports, four people were charged with
illegally entering the Central Campus Recreation Building Thursday
afternoon. The individuals did not have permission to enter the
building and were warned not to trespass again. The four people
were then escorted out of the CCRB.

Hockey puck injures spectator at Yost Ice Arena

A flying puck struck and injured a person at Yost Ice Arena
during Friday night’s hockey game against the University of
Nebraska at Omaha. Assistance was provided to the injured

— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Adhiraj Dutt

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