Campus crime is on the rise.

Last year, with the exception of aggravated assault, crimes on University property in all categories increased, according to the annual report released recently by the Department of Public Safety.

Although the number of alcohol-related violations DPS handled has gone down 12 percent since 2004, the number reported by residence hall advisors and housing security has more than doubled.

Last year, DPS and non-police officers handled 533 alcohol violations, up 45 percent since 2004 and 70 percent since 2003.

DPS spokeswoman Diane Brown said she does not have a reason to believe there is an increased crackdown on alcohol in the residence halls and across campus.

“(Unruly behavior involving alcohol) is happening moreso now than two years ago,” Brown said, citing larger freshman classes.

More liquor violators are being punished in residence halls than in the court system. Last year, 41 percent of alcohol violations on campus were referred to non-police security such as resident advisors or housing security for disciplinary action. In 2004, the University subjected only 22 percent to alternative forms of non-criminal punishment, like signboard and hall council duty.

Five rapes were reported to police agencies and 58 were reported to non-police – including the Office of Student Conflict Resolution and the Sexual Assault Prevention and Counseling Center – last year. There were two more rapes last year than in 2004.

There were two more on-campus robberies in 2004 than last year, five more cases of arson, three more motor vehicle thefts and 14 more drug law violations. Aggravated assault has gone down from 16 cases in 2004 to 12 cases last year.

The total number of larcenies has increased during the past three years to 1,244, up 23 percent from last year.

Burglaries have more than doubled since 2004. The hike is likely due to only a few perpetrators committing multiple crimes, DPS said.

“Two pairs of people have been identified as suspects in upwards of 20 burglaries,” Brown said.

Debauchery in the residence halls

83 Percentage of arrests in 2005 in residence halls that involved liquor or drugs

33 Rise in crime in residence halls since 2004

50 Rise in crime in residence halls since 2003

41 Percentage of alcohol violations on campus that were referred to non-police security like resident advisors or housing security for discipline, not DPS

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