Last week’s results:
Barack Obama, the President of these United States, steps into the arena, ski pole in hand, audacious as ever. But Abishek Mahanti has passed a resolution to win, and he looks to keep it. Wielding his curling rock, he charges the president, but Secret Service agents take him down. He manages to fight his way out of the pile and, in a final act of desperation, passes a resolution for peace in the Middle East. It succeeds. Heartbroken, Obama falls to his knees in shame. (Fun, fake fact: This got more votes than the MSA election.)
Winner: Somehow, Abishek Mahanti

Which of these athletic enemies will dominate in the arena?


Vote in this week’s athletic encounter. Can Rodriguez overcome the NCAA’s prying eye, or will he lose as he is increasingly accustomed to doing? You decide. If only we decided the results of his other efforts.

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