Quickie Burger owner Kerope Arman has seen his fair share of intoxicated students with the munchies for fast food. Conveniently located at the intersection of Hill Street and State Street, the maize-and-blue interior of Quickie Burger is a common last stop for students getting back from a night out, and the popularity hasn’t declined since the restaurant started serving alcohol in January.

“They’ve always patronized at night, because they’re always around, 12 o’clock, one o’clock, two o’clock,” Arman said about students.

Now 60 years old, Arman said the restaurants unusually young and collegiate clientele make him feel young again.

“Well, for an old man it’s totally different, you feel elated, and you feel young because when you’re 60 years old, and you’re surrounded by 18, and 20, and 22-year-olds, you feel a little bit younger, so for me it’s a nicer atmosphere.”

Quickie Burger, famed for its controversial logo of a scantily clad woman riding a hamburger, also has a special place in campus life on football Saturdays when “probably 50,000 people” pass by on the street outside the restaurant, according to Arman.

“Football Saturdays are just phenomenal, I mean in the way of volume. It’s very hectic from the beginning of morning until six, seven o’clock at night. They tailgate prior, they tailgate after. It’s nice to see people having fun,” Arman said.

Arman, who has owned Quickie Burger for one year and whose son and wife also help run the restaurant, only had positive things to say about the students who make up a large proportion of the restaurant’s patrons.

“They’re much more open, they’re much more interactive, they’re interested. You get a chance to talk about diverse subjects. Some talk about politics, some talk about sports, some talk about current events and issues,” Kerope said.

When asked whether he’s seen any rowdiness or other alcohol-induced behavior late at night among students, Arman staunchly declined.

“Never, never, never. They’re just nice, well-behaved,” Arman said.

Arman did acknowledge that there were some things happening in the student hangout that do not normally take place at similar restaurants, but declined to go into details since he said that he doesn’t spend a lot of time there at night.

“When you’re here four o’clock in the morning, you see some things that maybe you don’t (usually) see in the morning. They’re a little bit more jovial after midnight than they are prior, and that would be the same with you and I if we went somewhere and had a beer or had a couple of drinks, and that’s what happens,” Arman said.

Overall, the Quickie Burger owner seemed pleased with catering to the student population. Arman said he enjoyed the students at the restaurant, and their “elated” behavior.

“They’re feeling good, they’re young, and they’re having fun,” Arman said.

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