Underneath the Student Activities Building, down a flight of stairs and at the end of a long hallway, is the student-run WCBN radio station where radio show host arwulf arwulf broadcasts every week at 88.3 megahertz.

Krista Boyd/Daily
arwulf arwulf poses for a photo at WCBN last week.

arwulf is a University lecture hall projectionist who moved to Ann Arbor in the summer of 1968 at the age of 11.

A self-proclaimed autodidact, which means he is self-taught, arwulf has let this approach toward learning become a philosophy of sorts.

Born Theodore Grenier, arwulf said his adopted name found him at the age of 13. While on a walk with friends, arwulf said the moon cast a shadow and his friends told him he looked like a wolf howling at the moon.

In addition to his radio show at the University, arwulf hosts The Sunday Best on Eastern Michigan University’s radio station WEMU and writes music reviews on allmusicguide.com.

Despite his many interests, arwulf said his real passion lies in radio and music.

“I want to be there to alleviate suffering,” arwulf said. “That’s the main body of work.”

arwulf’s play lists for his Thursday show have an eclectic range while his Sunday show focuses more on jazz and blues tracks.

He said he enjoys experimenting with different types of formats on his radio show.

“Every format is worth appreciating,” he said. “We could learn from formats to get along. We could learn equality from formats. If all formats are created equal, maybe we could then rub off on the human race. I’m not sure. It’s worth a try.”

In his many years living around the University, arwulf has witnessed changes in the student body and in Ann Arbor.

“The Diag was a 100-percent, constant party,” arwulf said. “You’d walk from the Engineering Arch and from the time you got to North University you’d be high, even if you didn’t mean to. That’s the way the environment was around here.”

arwulf said he does not have an iPod and that while it is a great advancement, it has its drawbacks.

“Every time a student comes to me and says ‘did you find an iPod in the auditorium,’ I say well this is what happens when your entire record collection is the size of a Heath Bar!” he said.

arwulf said his mission is to cheer people up and help them learn about music through his radio broadcasts. Through his craft, arwulf has developed a following in Ann Arbor and around the country.

“I’m plotting to disrupt people’s preconceptions and expectations,” arwulf said.

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