MLK closing lecture focuses on Sept. 11 impact

Popular myster writer Walter Mosley will speak in a lecture titled ‘Bearing Witness’ where he will focus on both positive and negative effects of Sept. 11. Mosley is best known for his mystery series surrounding the adventures of a black detective named Easy Rawlins.

The lecture will be held today in Rackham Auditorium at 7 p.m.

SAFE event depicts Palestinian life

Today, Students Allied for Freedom and Equality are holding an event which will depict the hardships of Palestinian life.

SAFE members will create an environment that will attempt to simulate the checkpoints Palestinians have to cross and typical Palestinian living conditions. The event will be held at 6:30 p.m in the Parker room of the Michigan Union.



Crime notes

Two public urinators caught

DPS reported that two subjects were cited for urinating in public just after midnight yesterday morning. The incident took place at the Church Carport at 525 Church.

Patient leaves hospital during treatment

While being treated by medical staff at the University hospital, a subject walked away early yesterday morning. DPS reported the subject was located and returned for treatment.



This Day In Daily History

South Quad urinals leak through ceiling

Jan. 31, 1985 — Sections of South Quad Residence Hall lobby were saturated with bathroom water when the day before a broken pipeline from the urinals on the third floor bursted.

Surrounded by tape, parts of the lobby were sectioned off in order to prevent students from coming in contact with the pools of water.

South Quad deskworker Nancy Koch said the building maintenance officials were called about the leaking pipe and would attempt to fix the pipe today.

It was also reported that there was no damage to the third floor bathrooms.

While housekeepers had mopped up the mess, by 5 p.m the next day, new puddles had already formed.

A sign on one of the pieces of tape that sectioned-off the area said, “What you smell is what it is! Watch the drips!”

Some students didn’t mind the mess though.

“It’s typical of the Quad, you expect things like that to happen. It always smells like sweatsocks anyway,” said one resident, who wished to remain anonymous.

New ‘U’ president may be Berkeley Chancellor

Jan. 31, 1967 — University of California, Berkeley Chancellor Roger W. Heyns has expressed great interest in becoming the next President of the University according to an authoritative source.

The current University president Harlan Hatcher plans to retire this summer after having served the University as President for 15 years.

Even with Heyns’s interest, University’s Board of Regents have yet to contact Heyns.

The authoritative source said the interest expressed by Roger comes at a time when the Chancellor is facing difficulties in uniting both the faculty and regents of Berkeley.



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