Vigil on Diag will commemorate tsunami victims

A vigil to remember tsunami victims will be held in the Diag tomorrow at 6:30 p.m.

Vigil participants will light candles, hold a moment of silence, and share words of comfort in memory of those who have died in the tsunami.

Beal Avenue to close to traffic for weekend

Beal Avenue will be closed for repair between Bonisteel Boulevard and the NC16 parking lot north of the Advanced Technology Laboratories building this weekend.

The closure is scheduled to take place from 6 a.m. tomorrow to 8 p.m. Sunday. Access to the Bentley Historical Library and NC16 parking lots will only be available from the south through Fuller Road.

During the next two weeks, smaller excavations may occur along Beal Avenue between Fuller Road and Hayward Avenue.

DJ to perform at Power Center

D.J. Spooky, one of the most popular DJs in the New York circuit, will perform tonight at 8 p.m. in the Power Center. Spooky has a reputation as being on the cutting edge of hip hop.


Crime Notes

Fight in Jackson ends in trip to ‘U’ hospital for woman

A female assaulted by another female in Jackson was taken to the University Hospital Wednesday night. The assault victim had allegedly been punched. Both were minors.

Money missing on misplaced Mcard

A student lost his Mcard before Thanksgiving Break and reported to the Department of Public Safety that $40 was missing from his student account.

Employee steals two frappuccinos

An employee at the Thomas Francis Jr. Building at 1420 Washington Heights stole two “frappuccino” coffee drinks Tuesday morning, a caller reported to DPS.


This Day in Daily History

Length of school year shortened because of WWII

Jan. 14, 1942 — The University landed on the bandwagon of war-speeded education with a resounding thump as a precedent-breaking Deans’ Conference approved the first of a series of drastic changes in University wartime policy, calling for:


– Shortening of final examination periods

— Omission of spring vacation

– Movement of Commencement to May 30


Unverified and often wild rumors which had swept the campus for days were thus brought to an end as Frank Robbins, assistant to the president, stressed that all of the recommendations of the New University Ward Board, which received the approval of the Deans, must still obtain formal acknowledgement by the Board of Regents.



A photograph on page 3 of Tuesday’s edition of the Daily should have said Joseph E. Swift, III plays “What’s Goin’ On.”


An infograph on Page 10A of yesterday’s edition of the Daily should have said Lester Abram missed 13 games and Graham Brown missed 9. The infograph also should have said Michigan State will play Wisconsin on Sunday.


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