Students to organize tsunami fundraiser

In response to the recent tsunami in Southeast Asia, several student groups will be holding a meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in the Tap Room of the Michigan Union.

The groups — which include the Residential College Republic, the Michigan Student Assembly and LSA Student Government — aim to organize a campus-wide fundraising event.


Exhibit features endangered wildlife in Alaska

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Seasons of Life and Land exhibit will be on display until Feb. 9, in the South Lobby of the Taubman Center.

California Academy of Science officials worked to create the exhibit, which features a tour of endangered wildlife, terrain and isolated Inuit and Gwich’in villages in the far northeastern corner of Alaska.


Artwork conveys values, ethics of African peoples

The Museum of Art will be exhibiting Art of the Lega: Meaning and Metaphor in Central Africa until Jan. 16 in its West Gallery. The exhibit displays the creative imagery of the Lega people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The African art includes masks, spoons, baskets and figures made from wood and ivory.

The Lega people are known for using their artwork to convey their ethical, social and political values.


Crime Notes

Woman mistakes intruder for her husband

There was a home invasion in Family Housing during winter break, Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Diane Brown said.

She said a woman heard the front door to her apartment open and thought it was her husband coming home. She remained in the other room and later realized the person that entered her home was not her husband and $200 was missing from her purse.


This Day in Daily History32

‘U’ is labeled forbidden for all Russian citizens

Jan. 5, 1955 — All of Washtenaw County, which includes the University, was labeled forbidden territory to Russian citizens.

The State Department took action and put 27 percent of U. S. territory — approximately 900 counties — on the “forbidden” list. The list included 19 Michigan counties.

International Center Director James M. Davis said the restrictions would not affect the University. “We have no Russian citizens here as students, as far as we know,” Davis said.


Roses have never smelled so sweet for Schembechler

Jan. 5, 1989 — Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler led his team to victory after losing seven out of his last eight trips to Pasadena.

“Losing just tears your heart out. And I don’t have that good a one to start with,” Schembechler said.

Sophomore Leroy Hoard was largely responsible for the Wolverine’s victory and was named Rose Bowl Player of the Game.

Yet, Hoard was the one who caused Schembechler so much heartache during the season.

He was left out of the 1988 media guide because of low academics. He was also suspended for the game against Northwestern because he missed an 8 a.m. class – a violation of Schembechler’s rules.

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