Speaker to discuss life and times of Tibetan monk

Donald Lopez, an Asian languages and cultures professor, will hold a lecture titled “The Life and Times of a Modernist Tibetan Monk.” Lopez will speak in Rackham’s Osterman Common Room today from noon to 1:30 p.m. For more information, contact Nicola Kiver at 936-3518.

‘U’ Philharmonia Orchestra performs

Conductor Andrew George will lead the University Philharmonia Orchestra tonight at 8 p.m. in Hill Auditorium. Contact Rachel Francisco at 764-0594 for more information.


Crime Notes

Shots fired on Liberty St. linked to other shooting

An altercation reportedly led to shots fired on Liberty Street early yesterday morning, the Department of Public Safety reported. A subject was brought to the University Hospital’s emergency room with unknown injuries. The incident was possibly related to another shooting in Pittsfield Township on Saturday, DPS said.

Rock shatters window on State

A rock was thrown through a window at 1114 State St., according to DPS reports. The incident occurred Saturday morning just before 9 a.m.

Gang graffiti spotted in men’s bathroom

The men’s bathroom on the first floor of the Shapiro Undergraduate Library has been vandalized with gang graffiti. There are no suspects.

Three ‘U’ affiliates fail to pay for food

Three people affiliated with the University are under investigation because they did not pay for their food in South Quad Residence Hall. The incident took place Saturday around 5:30 p.m.


This Day In Daily History

Tragedy mars swim demonstration

Dec. 13, 1959 — Two thousand fans attended the 25th annual Swim Gala, but events turned tragic midway through the show. The crowd was stunned into silence when Michigan diver Bob Webster struck his head against the three-meter diving board while attempting an inward two-and-one-half somersault.

Knocked unconscious by the blow, Webster was hauled from the water by his teammates and attended to by doctors.

University hospital doctors stitched up the head laceration, which ran the full length of the hairline.

Webster regained consciousness in the locker room and was in full command of his faculties when taken to the hospital. As he left, he said, “Heck, why did I have to ruin the whole show?”

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