Free showing of movie educates on identity theft

Several information technology offices at the University are
sponsoring a free showing of “The Matrix” today in
order to raise awareness about identity theft and information
technology security. Anyone with an Mcard can watch the movie for
free at 8 and 11 p.m.

Information Technology Central Services will be handing out
information at the film showings.

Lecture discusses Greek hip-hop

The University’s Modern Greek Program will host a talk
today by Franklin Hess of the University of Iowa titled,
“Interiority in Greek Rap, Television and Film,”
examining Greek identity in various forms of culture, especially
hip hop.

The lecture will be held in Angell Hall Auditorium C at 5 p.m.
It is co-sponsored by the Hellenic Student Association and the
Foundation for Modern Greek Studies.

Event provides information on Burmese society

A “Free Burma” day will be held Sunday from noon to
5 p.m. in East Quad room 126 to raise awareness about the country,
which is ruled by one of the most repressive military regimes in
the world.

The event will include movies, music, a Burmese Bazaar and an
informational presentation at 2 p.m.



Student gives credit card info through e-mail

A student living in South Quad Residence Hall reported to the
Department of Public Safety that he had received an e-mail asking
him to verify his credit card information. He responded to the
e-mail with the requested information, and on Wednesday his credit
card company notified him of an unauthorized cash advance taken
from his account.

Employee with swollen hand seeks medical help

DPS reported that a caller from South Quad requested an employee
in the residence hall be escorted to M-Works, a part of the
University of Michigan Health System focused on disability
management. The employee requested to be escorted because he or she
was suffering from a swollen hand.

Caller rushed to hospital after cutting finger

A caller reported to DPS that his finger was cut when it was
crushed in a doorway in Mary Markley Residence Hall. The caller was
taken to the University Hospital’s emergency room.



Dean: Average woman needs to redefine role

Nov. 5, 1959 — In a panel discussion, Dean Deborah Bacon
said the average woman must find a new role in society, because at
32 years of age her children have already started school.

“How can the woman catch up on the vocational or
professional techniques which may have evolved during the 12 years
of her life centered in the home?” Bacon asked the

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