Prof will discuss ancient gender reversal expression

Law Prof. Bruce Frier will host a free brown bag lecture at noon today discussing the lifestyle of the cinaedi, a group of males in the Roman Empire who pursued a lifestyle characterized by effeminate dress, makeup, hairdos and other aspects of gender reversal.

The lecture will be held in the Rackham Graduate School’s Osterman Common Room.

Speaker to tell unsettling stories of shock therapy

There will be a free lecture titled “The Unsettling Stories of Shock Therapy” at the School of Social Work in room 1644.

The lecture is part of the Science, Technology, Medicine and Society speaker Series and will feature Case Western Reserve University Prof. Jonathan Sadowski.

Art work of excons to be displayed at Duderstadt Center

A multimedia exhibition showcasing art work by formerly imprisoned youth and adult artists in the Prison Creative Arts Project opens today in the Duderstadt Center.

An opening reception at 6:30 p.m. will inaugurate the exhibit, and both the exhibit and reception are free.


Crime Notes

Omelet stolen from University hospital

Hospital security reported the larceny of an omelet at the University Hospital on Saturday around 11:15 a.m. The suspect was allegedly a patient in the psych ward that is currently under investigation, according to the Department of Public Safety.

Column in front of Union set on fire

A cement column at the Michigan Union, with fliers posted on it, was set on fire on Sunday morning around 4 a.m.

DPS officers arrived immediately on the scene to extinguish the act of arson. The Ann Arbor Fire Department came shortly afterwards to pour more water on the fire. There are no suspects at this time.

DPS investigates student’s fall at Law Library

While leaving the reading room at the University’s Law Library, a student tripped and fell early Sunday morning around 12:30 a.m. The student sustained an injury, but refused an ambulance. DPS was sent to advise the student and confirmed that a hospital visit was unnecessary.


This Day in Daily History

Soldier unaware he is AWOL

Nov. 7, 1943 – Officer Candidate Edward Hamilton returned yesterday to his room in the Law quadrangle and discovered an unpleasant surprise: He had been reported missing since last Wednesday.

Hamilton is a student in the University’s Judge Advocate General’s School. Five days ago, he had been informed that he was to be transferred to another location. Friends said this news understandably depressed Hamilton, who enjoyed his post here.

Hence, his sudden disappearance from his room for five days was met with trepidation. The police department received a report describing Hamilton as “soldier wearing Army uniform consisting of trousers, shirt, and field jacket with the OCS insignia on his left shirt front.”

But before the search could fully get underway for the soldier, Hamilton returned. He had no idea he had been missed, he said, until he happened to read the papers and see his absence was reported.

In fact, he was under the impression that he could have a seven-day vacation before reporting to his new post. Now the drama has been resolved and he has returned to his room on campus to prepare for his change in position.

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