League hosts intro Pilates class

University Unions Arts & Programs will be hosting an Introduction to Pilates Class tonight in the Henderson Room of the Michigan League.

The event will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Participants are asked to bring a large towel.

Rackham hosts photo exhibit

An exhibition depicting the expansion of Chinese cities under economic and political changes there is currently being shown in the Osterman Common Room at the Rackham Graduate School.

The work of photographers An Ge, Gu Zheng, Hu Yang, Li Lang, Luo Yongjin, Lu Yuanmin, Miao Xiaochun and Zhu Hao is featured. The exhibition was curated by Gu Zheng of Fudan University and Lydia Liu of the University of Michigan.

Gallery hours are Thursday and Friday, noon to 8 p.m., and Monday through Wednesday, by appointment. The exhibition runs through Oct. 21.

Epidemiology dept presents seminar on adult health

The University’s Department of Epidemiology will be presenting a seminar this afternoon from 3 to 4:30 p.m. in Auditorium 1 of the Henry F. Vaughan Public Health Building.

Admission to the seminar, titled “Healthy Lifestyles Among Adults in the United States – Is there a problem? Why should we care? And what should we do about it?” is free.


Crime notes

Caller suspects ex-beau broke in

Yesterday morning a female caller reported to the Department of Public Safety that someone had broken into her Northwood apartment and disturbed her belongings. Though the suspect had already fled the scene by the time the caller had returned, she suspects that the transgressor was her ex boyfriend.

Subject harassed with calls, e-mail

Yesterday, a female subject in the lobby of an undisclosed location reported to DPS that a male subject was harassing her with letters, e-mails and phone calls. The victim reported that she had told him to stop, but that he had continued the behaviors anyway. At the time of the report, the victim declined to file an official report to see if she could resolve the issue on her own.

Caller reports peeping tom

A caller reported seeing a suspicious male subject on the 1200 block of McIntyre last night, looking into windows. The suspect was wearing black clothes and a black ski mask that partially covered his face.


This Day In Daily History

Sex survey angers students, RAs

Oct. 5, 1984 – A survey currently circulating in residence halls that asks about residents’ sexual histories has some students and resident advisors upset.

The survey, created by a subcommittee of the Task Force on Sexual Harassment, asks questions about students’ past and current sexual experiences. It begins by asking students if they have ever dated, held hands, kissed or had sexual intercourse and ends asking whether students were been sexually molested as a child.

RAs were anxious about encountering students who actually had problems related to the survey. Marvin Parnes, assistant director of residence hall living, said, “RAs are not therapists – if they feel uncomfortable, they can get assistance from another RA, RD or other staff member.”

Sexual harassment is a growing concern on campuses nationwide: A survey at a large southern university in 1981 showed that 15 percent of men and 21 percent of women had been subject to harassment by a girlfriend or boyfriend.

The University president recently issued a statement condemning sexual harassment, and last spring a task force on sexual harassment began to draft the questionnaire.

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