Pre-law help on hand in Union

Over 100 law students and multiple local test-preparation companies will be on hand in the Michigan Union between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. today. Stop by and collect law applications and explore education options. Visit the Career Center website at for a list of schools that are scheduled to attend.

League hosts open mic night

There will be an open mic night tonight at the Michigan League. Sign-up begins at 7:30 p.m. All groups and individuals are invited to attend and perform. Admission and refreshments are free. If interested in performing, e-mail Benita Murrel at or call her at 764-7598.

Saxophonist holds free concert

Famed jazz saxophonist Bobby Watson will hold a free concert in the Cady Room of the Stearns Building at 2 p.m. today. The event will be co-sponsored by the 2005 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival.


Crime Notes

Taxi drivers brawl in front of Union

A bystander reported a fight between two taxi drivers in front of the Michigan Union last night, according to the Department of Public Safety. Although initially verbal, the altercation soon became physical. Neither man was hurt in the fight. The cause of the scuffle is still unknown, although both men are being interviewed.

Student narcs out neighbors in Bursley

A University student, living in Bursley Residence Hall, called DPS early yesterday morning to report that he could smell marijuana. A DPS officer responding to the call located two subjects, both University students. After questioning the individuals, the officer filed a report against them, according to DPS.

DPS arrests Diag trespasser

A man was arrested for trespassing near the West Arch of the Diag Wednesday evening, DPS reported. He was also charged for obstructing police after physically resisting when officers attempted to take him into custody. The man had previously been warned and cited by DPS for trespassing on University property.


This Day in Daily History

Students protest Communist prof’s dismissal

Sept. 30, 1954 – The Student Legislature voted 22 to 4 last night to issue a formal protest over the dismissal of Prof. Mark Nickerson. The protest motion stated that the reason for dismissal, in essence, his political ideology.

The legislature stated that only one of three committees appointed by the University to investigate the Nickerson case recommended his dismissal. Their reasoning, the legislature claimed, was based on the grounds that he was a “Communist in spirit and would repudiate no part of the Communist program.”

The motion reads, “Prof. Nickerson was guilty of believing an unpopular and objectionable ideology.” Furthermore, the motion states “it is particularly reprehensible that such action should have taken place at a university whose tradition and responsibility has always been to encourage freedom of thought and diversity of opinion as the best ways of attaining truth.” In summary, the legislature concluded the dismissal “is in direct opposition to the best interests of this university and this country.”

The vote, however, was not unanimous, and several students were opposed to the motion. Bart Cowan, a junior and newly appointed SL member took opposition, claiming that “it involves more than academic freedom, it involves Communism. One of the Communist aims is to repudiate academic freedom.”


Few opposed the motion however and debate was brief.


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