Sept. consumer confidence drops, ‘U’ survey

According to the University’s Index of Consumer Sentiment,
released on Friday, consumer confidence dropped in September to
94.2 from 95.9 in August.

In a written statement, Richard Curtin, director of the
University’s Survey s of Consumers said that the loss of
confidence in September is minimal and “it is a continuation
of the sideward movement that has dominated since the start of the
year, rather than indicating an emerging downturn.”

Curtin said the drop in confidence could be attributed to the
personal financial situation of consumers. In particular, he
attributed the drop to high gas prices, a slow job market and
lingering unemployment. However, for the next five years he
expected the economy to continue to grow at a slower pace.

Symposium to explore health, poverty relationship

The 2004 Public Health Symposium will be held from 8:30 a.m. to
noon today in Rackham Auditorium. This year’s forum, titled
“Global Health: The Challenge of Inequality,” focuses
on the problems of inequality and the world’s poor. Speakers
will discuss topics such as aging, microbial threats, occupational
health risks and gender. The event is free and open to the

Crime Notes

No basis to alleged assault at fraternity house

A drunken male reported to the Department of Public Safety that
he had been assaulted at the Sigma Nu fraternity house on Washtenaw
Avenue early Sunday morning. DPS referred the man to the Ann Arbor
Police Department and drove him to City Hall to make a report after
he had refused medical assistance. However, AAPD found the man to
be uncooperative due to intoxication and was unable to file a
report on the subject.

LSA junior Jacob Strumwasser, president of Sigma Nu, said an
inebriated man had attempted to gain entry to the house late
Saturday night and was escorted away by members of the house. He
said someone claiming to be the man’s roommate stopped by the
next day to apologize to the house.

Bursley fridge catches fire, removed from dorm

A caller reported to DPS Saturday afternoon that a refrigerator
in the Bursley Residence Hall snack bar had caught fire. The caller
reported that staff was trying to put the fire out with a fire
extinguisher and that the power supply appeared to be the problem.
The refrigerator was taken out of service.

This Day in Daily History

Journal alleges Soviet spies present on campus

Oct. 4, 1985 — The journal Science reported that Soviet
bloc countries had spies to the campuses of several American
universities, including the University of Michigan. The report was
based on information gathered from the Department of Defense, which
said spies were able to gain sensitive information legally using
reports, research projects, the U.S. patent office and trade

Bob Prucha, a spokesman for the Department of Defense, said by
using American corporations and universities, Soviet spies could
save time and money that would have been needed for clandestine
intelligence gathering.

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