Ministry to hold benefit concert hosting several local bands

The Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry is having an “Interfaith Benefit Concert” at First United Methodist Church (120 State St.) Sunday from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Several local bands will be performing.

Textiles to be on display at Michigan Museum of Art

Woven and embroidered textiles from Kashmir and the Punjab will be on display at the Museum of Art in Alumni Memorial Hall from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m., the museum’s normal business hours. The textiles have a long and prominent history in Indian culture, and have recently been gaining attention.


Crime notes

Subject collects funds for ‘charity’

A person not affiliated with the University was soliciting funds on University grounds near State St. Tuesday, the Department of Public Safety reported. The subject was allegedly collecting funds for hurricane Katrina victims. The subject was given a verbal warning and then released.

Peanut proves to be nearly fatal

A caller reported to DPS Tuesday that a subject had an allergic reaction to peanuts in Dennison Hall. The subject complained of a hard time breathing. Huron Valley ambulances transported the subject to the University of Michigan Emergency Room. Assistance was provided.

Smashed painting in Taubman Hall

A caller reported property damage in Taubman Hall to DPS Tuesday. There was a reported accadental damage to a paining that was smashed. A report has been filed.

Suspect arrested for possible vandalism

A rash of vandalism accross campus during the last month was reported Wednesday to DPS. Nine reports were filed reporting instances of spraypaining, and there may be as many as 10 more instances, DPS reported. A suspect has been taken into custody.


This Day In Daily History

Two RAs fired after being accused of smoking pot

Sept. 9, 1975 — A resident advisor from West Quadrandle Residence Hall’s Rumsey house was dismissed after being accused by a resident director of having his hand in a bag of marijuana. Another RA in West Quad was fired one week earlier for having his hand in what appeared to be a bag of marijuana.

The RA admitted to having smoked marijuana, according to the RD who discovered him.

The RA, however, denied this claim. Residents of the dorm believe that the sudden appearance of these violations is the result of more stringent enforcement of the rules, rather than a sudden wave of marijuana use.

One student reported that the first thing an RA said to him when he moved into the dorm was, “Do you want to get high?”

The RAs, who have the responsiblility of enforcing the rules of University Housing on their floor, may have been the reason the rules were not as strictly enforced.

The RD for West Quad, who is responsible for enforcing the rules of University Housing for the entire dorm, denied that he had been operating any differently.

Administrators didn’t want to comment on the situation until a dispute committee had finished reviewing their cases, and had made a decision.

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