LSA sophomore Aaron Pressel spent two hours yesterday afternoon standing on the snow-covered Diag handing out white ribbons and talking to other men about the need to take an active role in ending violence against women.

Paul Wong
LSA sophomore Michael Landau hands out ribbons on the Diag yesterday for the Men Against Violence Against Women White Ribbon Campaign that will be going on all week.

Around 5,000 ribbons, assembled by Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity members, will be handed out this week as part of the Fourth Annual Ann Arbor White Ribbon Campaign.

“I’m freezing – my hands and feet have been numb for about an hour, but it’s a good cause. Helping end violence against women is important to me,” Pressel said.

Some men walked by, pretending not to notice the table or the man with the pile of white ribbons rubbing his hands together to keep warm, choosing instead to watch a snowplow as it rumbled past.

But Dustin Liron, an LSA junior, was one of the many men who stopped to ask questions and take a ribbon.

“Still today there’s not enough awareness about the problem. People are still na

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