Mike Cammalleri retuned to Ann Arbor this week, but he is still nowhere near ready to carry Michigan into the NCAA Tournament. In fact, considering that two weeks ago he could barely walk, his recovery seems miraculous.

Because Cammalleri”s swollen throat was preventing him from speaking, Ruth Cammalleri, Mike”s mother, purchased a Fisher-Price horn that he would squeeze whenever he needed help.

Cammalleri seemed to think the home care did him some good, adding that “there is nothing like being in Mom”s care.” His diet consisted of milkshakes and fruit smoothies for the first week he was home. Once he was able to handle solid foods, the home-cooked Italian meals quickly got his spirits up.

“I am starting to feel better. I am definitely on the recovery side of things,” Cammalleri said. “I am still a little tired and really not able to do much and have been advised to limit my activities as much as possible.”

Cammalleri left for his Toronto home two weeks ago when he contracted mononucleosis and was unable to take care of himself or attend class.

At home, the junior was in good hands his mother is a radiological technician at York Central Hospital outside Toronto. Her professional knowledge allowed her to keep her son at home and on IVs and other fluids, even though doctors suggested that he stay at the hospital.

“You get a little more paranoid when it is your own child,” she said. “You watch for signs more when it is your own kid. When you see any symptoms, you jump on it right away.”

Over the two weeks, he lost more than 15 pounds, but he has started putting the weight back on. He has still not started working out or putting muscle back on, but he”s confident that he will be able to do so once he starts lifting. But Cammalleri was not confident about the ability of his cardiovascular system to recover quickly.

He met with a team doctor Tuesday and was told to limit his activity and avoid working out until the two meet again next week. Since getting back to Ann Arbor on Sunday evening, Cammalleri has done a lot of sleeping and straightening things up with professors.

“I haven”t been getting out of the house much, I have just been going to class and coming back and doing what I have to do,” Cammalleri said. “It is still kind of a week-to-week type thing.”

Even though it is unclear when Cammalleri will return to the ice, Michigan coach Red Berenson was glad to see him and the impact his return has had on the team”s morale.

“It is important being a captain that he is here whether he can play or not,” Berenson said. “He needs us to play well in his absence. He should be out there, but he is not. So we need to play really well without him.”

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