As Drive-Thru Records dishes out carbon copy pop-punk bands, Temecula, Calif. natives Finch uphold the label’s initial reputation by providing fans with fine showmanship and great noise. In their first U.S. tour as headliners, Finch and openers The Used played last Tuesday to a sold-out crowd at Detroit’s Saint Andrews Hall.

Todd Weiser

Before the concert, Finch guitarist Alex Linares spoke with The Michigan Daily about the band’s current tour and rising popularity.

The Michigan Daily: You played the Warped Tour last summer. How was that?

Alex Linares: It was like “Groundhog Day.” Have you seen the movie?

TMD: Yeah. The same thing everyday?

AL: Yeah, for like two months.

TMD: Is this tour different?

AL: It’s much more chill. You don’t have to wake up to a dust bowl everyday. You wake up at the Warped Tour and you fall asleep at the Warped Tour. It’s very hard to get away from it. The majority of the time it’s in the middle of nowhere, so to go anywhere was like a $30 cab ride both ways. You’re stuck there all day.

TMD: Do you think you gained a lot of new listeners from the Warped Tour?

AL: Fuck yeah. That tour and the New Found Glory tour helped us the most out of anything. New Found Glory are like our big brothers. Those guys are the shit. We know we are not anywhere near each other musically, but we are such good friends. Jordan, the singer, has a Finch tattoo. I’m gonna get a New Found tattoo.

TMD: So, how would you categorize your sound?

AL: I would say like a heavy rock, almost like a fusion-type band. We choose all different styles.

TMD: And what would some of those styles be? Emo?

AL: Fuck no. I would say like maybe hardcore, rock and maybe a little bit of punk too. No, punk is emo.

TMD: We saw the setlist online and “Stay with Me” is not listed. Will that be played tonight?

AL: No. That song sucks, man. It’s one of those songs we wish we didn’t play. It’s one of those songs we wish we could have sold to one of the cheap pop-punk bands. We should have sold it to Simple Plan when we had the chance.

TMD: It looks like you are doing quite well right now. What’s next?

AL: The studio. Put down a new record.

TMD: Will the new record be on Drive-Thru?

AL: Uh, yeah. We have a huge contract with them. Huge as in like “many records.” We owe them “many records.” We decided we are going to take a couple months off to write it, tour – probably the Warped Tour – and then come back and record it.

TMD: So what does it feel like? Did you always expect to get to this level?

AL: Yeah. It’s fuckin’ really exciting. It’s even more exciting like the days when we get to play for huge crowds. We played a show recently to 2000 people. I remember a year ago playing Fireside Bowl in Chicago for like 200 people and it was like, “Fuck, man – 200 people.” Even just a year and a half ago, if 100 people pay to get in, we’d be so fuckin’ stoked.

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