As opposing players head to the penalty box, Michigan fans do the “C-YA” cheer in which they shout insults at the other team. Lately the Michigan Athletic Department has been saying c-ya to fans who use “the c-sucker word” during the cheer. On Saturday night, we went in the crowd and asked for your opinions.


“I think it’s OK in the student section as long as it isn’t in the other sections where there are kids.” A-

– David Fugate

Alumni, class of ’74


“I think it’s stupid. What’s the difference between saying cocksucker and douchebag. Just because we say cocksucker shouldn’t be that big of a deal.”

– Graham Townsend

Kinesiology sophomore


“I don’t like the idea of kicking people out. As an alternative, we need to yell everything else and cut out the cocksucker.”

– Griffin Hickman

LSA senior


“As long as they don’t use gross profanity, like the C-word they were using. I don’t mind it. It really doesn’t bother me. For saying the C-word they should kick people out. There were a lot of kids over there. People bring their young children. The other words I don’t mind though.”

A– Kevin Betz

Albion, Ind.

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