Sometimes hard work gets recognized – by the President of the United States.

Paul Wong
Left: President Bush promotes his education policies at Vandenberg Elementary School in Southfield last week.

President Bush honored Asya Obad, a student at the University’s Dearborn campus, for her dedication and commitment to community service, during a speech at Vandenberg Elementary School in Southfield last week.

“She’s a child who’s getting her own education and, at the same time, working hard to make sure our community is strong,” President Bush said, thanking her for the example she set “for people (her) age and the whole community.”

Obad, a full-time student and mother of two, participated in AmeriCore for two years, where she said she worked within a community, building parks and assisting with landscape cleanup, in addition to attending workshops on diversity and problem-solving.

She currently works in the Arabic Community Center for Economic and Social Services, where she coordinates programs for immigrant students who need help with the English language. She also assists students who scored low on the Michigan Education Assessment Program and need help with their reading and writing skills.

Obad said she could not believe she was being honored by the president at first, but she was excited and honored to receive such recognition.

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