A burst pipe in the Michigan Union limited access to the building Monday, moving events that had been scheduled there to the Michigan League.
All restaurants in the Michigan Union were closed after the Union’s main hot water pipe erupted Sunday night, forcing plant operations to turn off the building’s water, said Linda Green, a spokeswoman for the Division of Student Affairs.
Green said University officials hoped to have the water turned back on by Tuesday, when classes begin.
“They’ve been working on it all night, they’ve been working on it all day, and the hope is they would have it fixed this evening,” said Green, adding that the building’s old age — it opened in 1919 — may have contributed to the mishap.
“When you have a building that’s the age of the Union these things just happen,” she said.
Green said the Union would be reopened as soon as the water was turned back on.
Though all eateries, restrooms and computer labs closed, the Union bookstore and the Information Technology Central Services center remained open Monday.
 The annual poster sale in the Union basement also continued as workers repaired the pipe.

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