When Bursley Hall residents return to campus in January, veteran dining hall employee Arthur Menor won’t be there to greet them.

After 12 years of serving the Bursley community, Menor will retire at the end of the semester to return to the Philippines to be with his grandchildren. To celebrate his retirement, hundreds of students presented Menor with a cake and a card during dinner Wednesday evening.

Unit Manager Toni Guzzardo said Menor is known as a constant source of positivity and encouragement for the Bursley Dining Hall community. She added that Menor’s farewell was different from the dining hall’s usual retirement parties.

“We usually have quiet retirement parties for people,” Guzzardo said. “For Arthur, the kids insisted on doing something more special. We set up the cake stations and the students did everything else.”

LSA freshman Nathan Fischer said Menor always attempted to reach out to students.

“It was always nice that he made an effort to get to know you,” he said. “I’ll miss his steadfast friendliness.”

Engineering sophomore Adam Licavoli said Menor was diligent in learning the names of the students he saw each day.

“If you make a point to call him by his name, he’ll try to remember yours,” he said. “He remembered my name halfway through last year. He could do it without reading my card.”

Throughout the event students surrounded Menor to take pictures and thank him for his work.

“I didn’t know that they would be doing this for me,” Menor said. “I like Bursley. I like the atmosphere. I will really miss all of them.”

Guzzardo said Menor’s kindness and interest in the lives of students in Bursley is rare.

“The thing about Arthur is that he knows 75 percent of the students here,” she said. “If the last time you ate here and your mom was sick, the next time you ate here Arthur would ask about your mom. You can’t pay for that kind of employee.”

General Manager Martin Folk described Menor as the ideal customer service worker.

“Arthur has done an outstanding service,” he said. “It’s showing that overwhelmingly through the amount of students here right now. “

Licavoli may have summed him up best.

“You’ll go into the dining hall and you’ll have a friend there waiting for you.”

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