Ballroom isn”t just for your grandparents anymore. “Burn The Floor” is proving just that. Speeding up and expanding the traditional ballroom and Latin dance is what this show is about.

The idea for “Burn the Floor” came to producer Harvey Medcalf after attending Elton John”s birthday party. Where after seeing a ballroom show he thought it needed a little spice. And spice he”s giving.

“Burn the Floor” brings 32 world champion dancers to the stage, in a format all its own. Different from competition style ballroom, these dancers are taking the stage and re-invigorating the steps.

Dancers are allowed to step out of the strict confines of competition and explore a new artistry with their steps. Every number showcases unique costumes to fit the mood the choreographers were looking for.

The U.S. productions have been a little different for “Burn the Floor” than those performed overseas. The major difference being venue. Unlike other shows, the U.S. shows play in theaters rather than in large stadium-style venues, giving the show a more theatrical side.

“Burn the Floor” is giving dancers another way to supplement their incomes. Most professional ballroom dancers teach, including those who have won major titles. “Burn” is giving these championship artists an audience. “Burn the Floor” features world champions Jason Gilkison and Pet Roby just to name two.

Unless you”re a ballroom dancer, you”ve never watched ballroom dance. Unless you are a closet fan, and know when PBS shows competitions, chances are you”ve never seen ballroom.

“Burn the Floor” is taking a style so often seen as inaccessible, unless one knows what is going on, and breathing in new life.

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