Visualize “Raging Bull” on steroids and in lieu of all the pugilism, substitute murder and the utmost virility. In this Belgian art-house drama, we immediately witness shades of Terrence Malick (most accessibly, “The Tree of Life”) in the smoothly organic and raw camerawork, e.g., the baby-blue skies and verdant grass-fields.



Any Joe Sixpack could naïvely deem this Oscar nominee a contemporary “Cinderella Man” or “Million Dollar Baby” projection — just in a different language. But that would be unjust.

“Bullhead” is an emotively charged, avant-garde crime film that shrewdly presents each dynamic frame with offscreen breathing, dramatic heartbeats, grunts, or all three. On the surface, the trailer delivers anything to appease a machismo Guido: libido, violence, rancor and redemption.

If you relish ass-kicking coupled with progressive art, sprint to the box office for this gem. Worst-case scenario: you depart the theater with an incessantly pulsating bicep that can only be mitigated by duking a Buckeye fan in the mug.

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