Senior LSA film student Aaron Dennis is helming an evening of his own short films and live music this Thursday night at the East Quad auditorium on East University. Dennis is attempting to add a variety show flavor to the event by mixing his funny shorts and an instrumental rock performance by local band “Curious Few.” The evening”s feature presentation is entitled “Buckleyville,” a half-hour mock-sitcom that Dennis produced for about $1000.

Paul Wong
Mix a wife-beater-clad young boy and a rucksack-carrying hobo, and hilarity is bound to ensue in Aaron Dennis”s “Buckleyville.”<br><br>Aaron Dennis

“Bukleyville” takes place in a trailer park and explores how the Buckley family deals with Val a European exchange student. Chuck, the patriarch of the Buckley family, is a recovering alcoholic of a bed-ridden wife and two delinquent children. Davis guarantees that hilarity will ensue. It was an unofficial joint venture with the RC players, and stars Graham Atkin, Peter Rothbart and Emily Freeman. Along with the independently filmed feature, Davis will show a number of shorts he has done for various film classes. He is currently shopping “Buckleyville” around to different film festivals. “Buckleyville” was shot on digital video, as were all of the shorts (save one 16 mm).

Davis, who is slated to graduate at the end of this year, will travel Europe and may return to Ann Arbor to work with his friends to develop more theater-based variety shows. He is excited to be debuting his film on his birthday, and hopes that the campus will come out to support his effort. The show is free and begins at 7:30 in the East Quad Auditorium this Thursday, February 15.

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