Bubba Sparxxx turned hip-hop heads when he arrived on the scene
with the Timbaland-produced “Ugly” in 2001, and when it was
revealed that he was, in fact, not black (he’s actually a tubby
white boy), he turned even more.Like Eminem, Sparxxx managed to
find a major fan base and earn the respect of the hip-hop

Kate Green

For Deliverance, his second LP, Sparxxx again teamed up
with Timbaland for a romp through the Dirty South. Indeed, Bubba
borrowed the title from the 1972 film, but never has a title set
the mood for a record so well. Images of Ned Beatty crawling
through the woods in his underwear should be flashing through your
mind right about now.

Sparxxx’s booming Southern drawl rumbles over Timbaland’s solid
foundation of thumping bass and twangy harmonica and fiddles on
both the title track and “Nowhere,” creating a beefy sound that is
rooted deeply in the South. After a while, Deliverance
begins to sound a bit repetitive, but there are enough surprises,
such as an appearance by Justin Timberlake on “Hootnanny,” to keep
it interesting.

Wearing his Southernism on his sleeve during songs such as
“Jimmy Mathis,” Bubba confidently spits lines like “This what they
must face, I’m-a be right here / Spittin’ these flames out and
drinkin’ Bud Light beer / ‘Til the cows home and the dogs quit
barkin’ / Daddy, tell ’em who I am, and don’t beg no pardons.”

This ain’t the South of that grubby pimp Ludacris or them Cash
Money bling-blingers, and it sure as hell ain’t the South of them
brainy OutKast boys. This is the South of black-eyed, toothless
banjo players and “You sure got a perty mouth.” This is the South
where one X just ain’t enough. This is the Dirrrtiest South,
because one R just ain’t enough, neither.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars.











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