What does it take to be one to watch? Certainly there has to be something that stands out above the rest. Is it a person’s work ethic? Is it their passionate pursuit of a goal? Or is it the way others are in awe at their talent? Could it be a combination of the three?

Recently, Golf World Magazine recognized these characteristics in a Michigan women’s golfer, Brianna Broderick. In its Annual College Preview Report, the magazine tabbed Broderick as one of the “Top 50 Females to Watch” for the upcoming year. It’s an honor she shares with only one other Big Ten player, Purdue’s Myrte Eikenaar.

“I don’t really (think it will add any pressure),” Broderick said. “I think, if anything, it will push me to practice harder and become a better player.”

When it comes to being self-motivated and pushing herself, Broderick, a junior, has never had a problem.

“Brianna has the complete package,” Michigan coach Kathy Teichert said. “She is one of the hardest workers we have ever had through our program here. She is constantly asking me and other players to go out and play with her outside of our practice rounds.”

A Kansas City native, Broderick was introduced to the game by her father, a PGA teaching professional. Though this may seem like a classic case of a father pushing his daughter in the sport he loves best, Brianna was never pressured to play golf. In fact, she played several other sports before picking up the game in eighth grade.

The lack of outside pressures to perform is something that may have led Broderick to keep a level head and stay balanced in her life. That’s something that certainly helped her decide to come to Michigan. With so many elite high school golfers in the country choosing to go to southern schools where the weather is more conducive to playing golf, Broderick took salvage in the cold winter months of Ann Arbor.

“By coming to a school with long winters, it gives me a chance to also focus on my academics here,” she said. “That way, golf is not a constant, year-round activity. I feel if I would have gone to a southern school, I would have gotten burnt out from all the golf.”

From the looks of Brianna’s resume here, it seems she has made the right choice. While working hard to get her degree in movement science, Brianna’s golf has not suffered. Last year, she was ranked first on her team in scoring average with a 75.50. She received All-Big Ten First Team honors while helping the Wolverines finish second in the Big Ten Championships, their highest mark ever.

“Brianna is someone who feeds off of success and constantly pushes herself to next level,” Teichert said. “She is someone who always stays hungry.”

With a work ethic and talent for the game, it’s tough not to wonder what is in store next for Michigan’s golf prodigy.

“I really think she could have a shot at playing professional golf,” Teichert said. “I think it’s something she’s had in the back of her mind as a passion, whether she admits it or not.”

Whatever Broderick decides to do – from pursing a career in sports medicine, taking the leap to professional golf or maybe just leading the Wolverines to a first-place finish at the Big Ten Championships this year – Brianna is certainly one to watch.

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