Fan who “really likes” Britney finds CD reviews “exclusive”

To the Daily:

When I saw that Tuesday”s Daily included a review of Britney Spears” new album I was pleasantly surprised since the Daily usually chooses to pretend as if pop music doesn”t exist and instead reviews albums of obscure groups I”ve never heard of (Britney, 11/14/01). However, when I finished the so-called review I was angry, as Sonya Sutherland says in her first paragraph that the album, “doesn”t even warrant a listen for review.”

I am shocked that the Daily would therefore publish what she wrote. The caption at the top of the page says “reviews of the music industry”s new releases,” so one would think that meant actually listening to the album. Instead, Sutherland chooses to bash Britney in any way possible, commenting about her image, music videos and body. What does any of this have to do with the album itself?

Sutherland says, “Does it really matter if the album is sonically unique or original when one can simply flip on MTV and view Britney”s metamorphosis into a dripping wet near-stripping dancer?” The answer is yes! Sutherland is being such a hypocrite here, as the majority of artists who have videos on MTV use sexy images, or even are scantilly clad themselves. Many of these artists are highly regarded in the music industry despite what they choose to depict in their videos.

In the future, it would be nice if the Daily would only include reviews by people who are open-minded and take the time to listen to the actual album. Discussing Britney”s image and calling her a slut doesn”t qualify as a review. Furthermore, the Daily is mistaken if it thinks nobody here at the University likes pop music. Not all of us listen to the types of artists whose albums it seems to exclusively review, but I guess I would prefer it keep on doing this if t wasn”t even going to give other genres of music a fair chance. Personally, I really like Britney”s new album and I”m not afraid to admit it. I would have been happy to write a fair review of it or any album for that matter, since Sutherland is obviously incapable of doing so.

Jessica Levy LSA sophomore

Reviewer should have first listened to Britney”s new CD

To the Daily:

I was very disappointed to read the “review”of the new Brtiney Spears album. Regardless of what the reviewer”s preconceptions were of what the album would be like, she should at least have listened to it and written an actual review. That is the job of any music critic, no matter what you are reviewing. It is not very professional to merely judge an entire record on the merits of song titles and one idiotic video essentially.

Sure, everyone already knows that Britney is nothing more than a packaged advertisement for Jive Records, but that also does not mean that the reviewer should cop out of reviewing it altogether. Plus, there may be some people who really are on the fence about whether to buy it, and at least one listen of the album and a write up on that by the reviewer would help those who are curious. To dismiss the whole record is simply not fair and good evidence of musical snobbery being exercised. The Daily needs to give every record a fair chance and provide an actual review rather than some predictable anti-Britney tirade.

John Schietinger

LSA junior

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