“Bride Wars”
20th Century Fox
At Quality 16 and Showcase

.5 out of 5 Stars

Some time in the ’90s, the media became fascinated with the concept of “bridezillas,” women who instantly transform into wedding-crazed monsters the moment the diamond bling is slipped onto their ring finger. It’s this notion that more or less shapes the plot of “Bride Wars,” a surprisingly unfunny “comedy” about Emma (Anne Hathaway, “Rachel Getting Married”) and Liv (Kate Hudson, “My Best Friend’s Girl”), two women whose lifelong friendship seems rooted only in their shared dream of a June wedding at New York City’s famed Plaza Hotel.

The film is remarkably insulting to brides (not to mention women in general), stereotyping them as either shrewd and heartless bitches or wishy-washy pushovers. Hudson and Hathaway spend the entire movie sabotaging and backstabbing each other and gossiping. The two characters are supposedly educated and successful women, but they don’t possess the clear-headed rationality of their male counterparts, who easily recognize the triviality of the entire conflict.

Leaving aside the general sexism the movie proudly displays, “Bride Wars” fails to deliver either laughs or romance. Instead, it unwisely relies on the star power of Hathaway and Hudson to draw in audiences. But both actresses seem to wander aimlessly through their performances, creating what can only be concluded an absolutely terrible movie.

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