The Walkman

Paul Wong

Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone

Startime Records

Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone by the NYC group The Walkmen begins with a montage of sound and a guy crooning somewhat incoherently.

The Walkmen, remnants of Jonathan Fire Eater, write songs that resemble up-tempo post-punk a bit and clearly have Brian Eno elements. What stands out most about the album is the way that the songs are arranged and juxtaposed so that the mood remains consistent and seamless. The album is deep and somewhat dramatic, but in a genuine way.

While the sound is definitely interesting, it does tend to get old after a few songs. What keeps the album unified is also what eventually makes it a little boring. However, some tracks like “Wake Up” and “French Vacation” keep you listening.

Also, if you’re an audiophile, this albums is a lot of fun. The band is hyper tone-conscious, as is apparent on “Stop Talking,” where a very good, vintage, hollow-body tone rings through the arrangement.

Still, this is clearly a disc to be depressed to – or one that will eventually cause you to do so.

That said, bring on the gloom, doom, falsetto and joy division influence.

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