Taking Back Sunday

Paul Wong

Tell Your Friends

Victory Records

Before their debut album Tell All Your Friends hit shelves today, Long Island natives Taking Back Sunday were already stirring up ripples within punk’s pop-polluted pond.

The five-piece ensemble and this highly anticipated debut had been headlining circuit shows and spreading demos since its inception less than two years ago. Then, with their inclusion on New York’s underground Dying Wish Record’s Sept. 11 tribute compilation, From Brooklyn With Love, the Taking Back Sunday name took off. In truth, this album is part of a new diversion for TBS’ enthusiastic maiden label as well as Victory’s traditional, well respected lineup of teeth-crunching, hardcore makes TBS’ vocalist Adam Lazzara’s occasional despotic screams seem like lullabies.

The album conveys a desire for control – it’s frustrating to listen to while sitting down. TBS’ record demands acceleration, for listeners to floor the pedal, peel out and smack violently to a halt. In essence, Tell All Your Friends spills out awash in a volatile, polymeric aper

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