Known for putting on a memorable live show, The Disco Biscuits have been leaving concert-goers exhausted since 1996. Their full-on assault of jam-rock tinged with driving often quirky electronica, an incredibly satisfying fix for those who enjoy both genres of music . Rarely though has the band recorded anything in the studio that is up to par with their live work.

Paul Wong
Disco Biscuits
Senor Boombox

2001’s computer-produced They Missed The Perfume was a trippy electronic record that earned accolades from many facets of the musical community, but was less accessible to the rock fans and too conceptual to encourage laid back listening. As the Biscuits’ repertoire has expanded to include more beautiful music along with sinister and fist-pumping tunes, a studio album reflecting this evolution has finally been released.

On their fourth LP Senor Boombox, the Disco Biscuits have succeed in reworking their live tunes to fit the restraints of a studio record while recreating the sounds that epitomize what a Biscuits show is all about. One of the standout tracks “Jigsaw Earth” starts with Jon Gutwillig’s sweet guitar dancing on top of lazy funk but soon breaks down into a synthesizer and bass drum-driven jam. “The Tunnel” takes listeners past Trey-like licks, easy-going acoustic guitar, and anthemic choruses to an ambient jam that brings trance and groove fans to the triumphant heights they aim to reach.

The Biscuits’ vocals are still very far from melodious, however, and a couple of tracks like “Sound One” should have stayed strictly in the live repertoire. Nonetheless, the Disco Biscuits have made one of the best jam-band studio albums of recent memory.

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