Llama is a band maladroit at anything other than taking up time spinning in a CD player. They’re not very good, although they’re not exactly bad either. Their musical description files Llama neatly in the generic rock/pop balance listed closer to Matchbox 20 than Dave Matthews Band.

Paul Wong
Two stars.

Their debut album, Close to the Silence, takes no musical risks producing a sound found all too often on used CD shelves. If listeners don’t expect too much from what they listen to, they won’t be let down. Llama attempts to come off as fun and happy, their attempts are fruitless, through Llama’s lack of edge and defining characteristic. Once in awhile they use a banjo.

It’s hard to say what’s actually bad about the band. Lead vocalist Ben Morton does a good job and his voice could be great, if the songs were exceptional.The songs aren’t awful, just uninteresting.

Llama is a great example of a band that evokes curiosity about the actual details of their record deal. Questions like: “How the hell did they get signed?” will pop into listener’s heads. Furthermore, “how did they snag such a good name?”

This music is boring. Someone give me some Modest Mouse or a pina colada or … something … anything.

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