Dressy Bessy

Paul Wong

Sound Go Round

Kindercore Records

This band is all handclaps, beatlesque guitar tones and shit-eating grins. Oh, they’re also sugary retro ultra-pop with a chick singing lead. And here’s the kicker: she’s dating the guitarist of Apples in Stereo, who’s also in the band.

The name of the band: Dressy Bessy. Didn’t you just guess it was going to rhyme?

Their newest album, Sound Go Round, is a masterpiece in pop that’s so good it’s bad and back to good again. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Tammy Ealom makes the band with her enthusiastic jangley style. However, it is lead guitarist John Hill, of Apples in Stereo, who truly completes the songs and causes them to stick in your head for hours/days/weeks.

From the first track, “I Saw Cinnamon” to the last one, “Carry On,” the listener is bombarded with major chords and hooky choruses. The album hits some major peaks on the upbeat, happy-go-lucky “That’s Why” and the woven melodies of “Flower Jargon.”

Overall, if you’re a sucker for infectious tunes, happiness, things that are good because they’re simple or America’s smart pop renaissance, you’ll be a sucker for the poppy sing-along songs of Dressy Bessy.

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